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#ifndef OUTGAUGE_H
#define OUTGAUGE_H
#include <stdint.h>
struct outgauge
uint32_t time;
char car[4];
uint16_t flags;
uint8_t gear;
uint8_t playerid;
float speed;
float rpm;
float turbo;
float enginetemp;
float fuel;
float oilpressure;
float oiltemp;
uint32_t dashlights;
uint32_t showlights;
float throttle;
float brake;
float clutch;
char display1[16];
char display2[16];
uint32_t id;
extern struct outgauge g_outgauge;
extern float g_consumption;
extern int g_owncar;
extern int g_fade;
extern int g_pressed;
extern int g_released;
extern uint32_t g_shift_time;
extern uint32_t g_ctrl_time;
void outgauge_init(int port);
#endif /* OUTGAUGE_H */