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JACK Sweeper is a port connection manager with support for port aliases and
port groups. It is named after Minesweeper, due to the port grid it uses.
By using port aliases and port groups, it is able to fit larger numbers of
ports on screen than just by showing ports as is.
It can talk to torbenh's via DBus calls.
The configuration file is stored in XDG_CONFIG_DIR/jsweeper/jsweeper.ini
Alias examples
Rules are evaluated sequentially, so rules at the start have precedence over
later rules. These two rules will group most stereo ports of most programs.
(.*)[_ -]1$ = \1.L
(.*)[_ -]2$ = \2.R
Rules can be used to rename ports logically, for example with an M-Audio 2496
the following rules give human-meaningful names to the output ports.
system:playback_1$ = system:line.L
system:playback_2$ = system:line.R
system:playback_9$ = system:spdif.L
system:playback_10$ = system:spdif.R
Client-side or JACK aliases can be also be selected in the configuration. Due
to how JACK aliases work, client-side aliases can give better results.
Automatic connections (aka 'Patchbay') are not implemented.
GUI-based alias editing and some other GUI elements are not implemented.