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#ifndef CLIENT_H
#define CLIENT_H
#include <jack/jack.h>
typedef jack_default_audio_sample_t sample_t;
typedef jack_nframes_t tick_t;
class Client
jack_client_t *m_client;
jack_port_t **m_ports;
const char *m_name;
jack_nframes_t m_sample_rate;
static void shutdown(void *arg);
static int process(jack_nframes_t nframes, void *arg);
virtual void shutdown() = 0;
virtual int process(jack_nframes_t) = 0;
Client() : m_client(NULL), m_ports(NULL), m_name(NULL), m_sample_rate(0)
bool open(const char *name);
void close();
jack_port_t *port_register(const char *port_name, const char *port_type, unsigned long flags, unsigned long buffer_size);
#endif // CLIENT_H