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#ifndef MAPPING_H
#define MAPPING_H
#include <string>
#include <list>
enum ControllerType {
template <typename T>
T clamp(T x, T min, T max)
if (x < min) return min;
if (x > max) return max;
return x;
class Mapping
std::string name;
int channel;
ControllerType type;
int ccmsb, cclsb;
int mrl, mru;
float crl, cru;
float latency;
bool has_lsb;
float adj1;
float adj2;
tick_t latency_ticks;
int cur_mv;
int last_mv;
sample_t cur_cv;
sample_t last_cv;
tick_t last_tick;
tick_t since_last_tick;
Mapping(const char *name,
int channel, ControllerType(type), int ccmsb, int cclsb,
int mrl, int mru, float crl, float cru, float latency, bool has_lsb) :
name(name), channel(channel), type(type), ccmsb(ccmsb), cclsb(cclsb),
mrl(mrl), mru(mru), crl(crl), cru(cru), latency(latency),
cur_mv(0), last_mv(0),
last_tick(0), since_last_tick(0)
/* Set up adjustment values for converting between
* MIDI values and CV values for this mapping. This
* results in scaling equations that are two ops. */
adj1 = (cru - crl) / (mru - mrl);
adj2 = (-crl / adj1) + mrl;
void interp_cvout(tick_t tick)
cur_cv = to_cv(cur_mv);
last_tick = tick;
last_cv = cur_cv;
void tick_cvout()
if (last_cv == cur_cv) return;
bool tick_cvin()
if (last_mv == cur_mv) return false;
if (since_last_tick < latency_ticks) return false;
since_last_tick = 0;
last_mv = cur_mv;
return true;
inline float to_cv(int mv) const
return clamp((mv - adj2) * adj1, crl, cru);
inline int to_mv(float cv) const
return clamp((int)(cv / adj1 + adj2), mrl, mru);
inline bool match(ControllerType _type, int _channel) const
return type == _type && (channel == _channel || channel == -1);
typedef std::list<Mapping> MappingList;
#endif // MAPPING_H