BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterExit with error when unable to connect to JACK on startup.petern7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-04-06Exit with error when unable to connect to JACK on startup.HEADmasterpetern
2011-04-06Allow building with JACK1petern
2010-03-30-Add: Preliminary save/load supportpetern
2009-07-25-Change: Adjust recording timer so that the first event is at timestamp 0, in...petern
2009-07-25-Change: Move comment to more appropriate place.petern
2009-07-24-Change: Replace custom ringbuffer code with JACK's ringbuffer interface, as ...petern
2009-07-24-Change: When stopping a loop, send the remaining note off events, instead of...petern
2009-07-24-Fix: Enter key no longer worked after UI clean up.petern
2009-07-24-Fix: When quantising, remove all notes after the end of the loop.petern
2009-07-23-Add: Get client name from jack and show in title. Reuse the name when reconn...petern